United Nations General Assembly (28th Session)

Napalm and Other Incendiary Weapons and All Aspects of their Possible Use
Report of the Secretary-General 11 Oct 1973 A/9207
(reporting on replies received from Australia, Barbados, Byelorussian SSR, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, India, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Syria, USSR, UK, USA)
Report of the First Committee 4 Dec 1973 A/9362
UNGA Resolution 3076 (XXVIII) 6 Dec 1973 A/RES/3076(XXVIII)
(inviting the Diplomatic Conference “to consider – without prejudice to the examination of the protocols submitted to it by the [ICRC] – the question of the use of napalm and other incendiary weapons which may be deemed to cause unnecessary suffering or to have indiscriminate effects, and to seek agreement on rules prohibiting or restricting the use of such weapons” (para 2))
Respect for Human Rights in Armed Conflicts
[5th] Report of the Secretary-General 19 Sep 1973 A/9123 and Corr.1
 Addendum 9 Nov 1973  …/Add.1
 Addendum 21 Nov 1973  …/Add.2
Existing Rules of International Law Concerning the Prohibition or Restriction of Use of Specific Weapons: Survey Prepared by the Secretariat 7 Nov 1973 A/9215(Vol. 1) and (Vol. 2)
Report of the Sixth Committee 10 Dec 1973 A/9412
UNGA Resolution 3102 (XXVIII) 12 Dec 1973 A/RES/3102(XXVIII)