United Nations General Assembly (26th Session)

Respect for Human Rights in Armed Conflicts
Comments by Governments on the Reports of the Secretary-General: Note by the Secretary-General 15 Jun 1971 A/8313
(replies received from Barbados, Belgium, Byelorussian SSR, Canada, Cuba, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Fiji, Holy See, Iraq, Israel, Madagascar, Nauru, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Ukrainian SSR and USSR)
 Addendum 6 Oct 1971  …/Add.1
(reply received from Netherlands)
 Addendum 18 Oct 1971  …/Add.2
(replies received from Finland and France)
 Addendum 22 Oct 1971  …/Add.3
(reply received from Norway)
[3rd] Report of the Secretary-General 2 Sep 1971 A/8370, ¶¶ 98–108
UNGA Resolution 2852 (XXVI) 20 Dec 1971 A/RES/2852(XXVI)
(requesting that the Secretary-General prepare a report on napalm)