International Conference on Human Rights

Draft Resolution relating to Human Rights in Armed Conflict – submitted by Czechoslovakia, India, Jamaica, Uganda and United Arab Republic A/CONF.32/C.2/L.45/Rev.1
Summary Record of the Thirteenth Meeting of the Second Committee 9 May 1968 A/CONF.32/C.2/SR.13, 148–149, 157
Report of the Second Committee 9 May 1968 A/CONF.32/34, 32–34, ¶¶ 71–72
Human Rights in Armed Conflict: Resolution XXIII 12 May 1968 A/CONF.32/41, 18
(considering, inter alia, “the use of chemical and biological means of warfare, including napalm bombing” (preamble); requesting that the UNGA invite the UNSG to study steps that could be taken to ensure the better application of existing international humanitarian law, and the need for additional treaties or the revision of existing treaties, including in relation to “the prohibition and limitation of the use of certain methods and means of warfare” (¶ 1(b)))